DynaCreteŽ PIM+
An Alkali Activated Chemical Penetrant

DynaCreteŽ PIM+ [Penetrating Internal Membrane ]
-the ultimate in permanent concrete protection!

DynaCreteŽ PIM+
Permanent Internal Membrane

Permanent Protection

Waterproofing, Hardening, and
Preserving of Concrete Surfaces

Non-altering of surface texture
and colour

Suitable on any masonry surface

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How DynaCreteŽ PIM+ Works...

Untreated Concrete
  Treated with DynaCreteŽ PIM+
Space between particles (above) leave untreated concrete or masonry subject to penetration by moisture, oils, acids, etc. DynaCreteŽ PIM+ creates a permanent, effective seal. against moisture, salts, acids, etc., while hardening and densifying concrete.

The DynaCreteŽ PIM+ Advantage...

The Ultimate Concrete Sealer
Extends the life of concrete in high moisture, high
corrosion areas by preventing the concrete from
breaking down
Leaves a non-slip surface
Allows for Low Maintenance Cleaning
Solution for Freeze Thaw Attack
Solution for Efflorescence
Aids Concrete Curing
Retards Capillarity Seepage
Stops Alkali Problems
Stops Dusting Concrete
Aids the Floor Covering Trade
Aids the Paint Trade
Stops Wall Sweating Problems

DynaCreteŽ PIM+ is great for: basements, sewage plants, patios and pools, zoos and hatcheries, sidewalks and driveways, silos, parking decks, roadways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, kennels, granaries, curbs, gutters etc.

DynaCreteŽ PIM+ For Your Industry

Hog, Poultry, & Dairy Industry
Warehousing companies:  Chemical,
Pharmaceutical, Printers and Tanners
The Agricultural Industry   Barns: Dairy, Poultry and
Construction Contractors
Potash mines
Coal mines
Lumber industry
Oil companies
Fertilizer handling facilities
Grain handling facilities
Meat Packing
Food Processing Plants
Machine shops